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Thank you for your interest in Armadillo Building Products, where we strive daily to understand the homeowners requirements and work to make it better.


At Armadillo Building Products, we are committed to our dealer network and we want to build long-term relationships with our dealers. We aim to work together in providing excellent customer service and representing our brand in the best possible way.

Our dealer standards are an important part of this representation of our brand: they ensure that every customer can experience a dedicated commitment from each Armadillo Building Product’s dealer.

The value of any successful product goes beyond the product itself. It has the power to make the consumer comfortable and confident with making the right choice to protect their biggest investment. The magic begins before purchase: with the ambience of the dealer, the customer experience, the attitude and competence of the staff. Call us to find out more…

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We stand by what we sell with an industry-leading Lifetime limited warranty. Ever product that is produced is examined to make sure it meets our quality standards.

We are very proud to offer you not only the last roof you will ever need, but also a long term “Environmentally Sustainable Solution” for your home.


Armadillo Building products metal roof is designed as an alternative to common asphalt shingles but with the toughness and long-lasting qualities of high-strength metal roofing panels. It is a true floating system fastened by a clip system which allows for thermal expansion and contraction.

It features a double embossed finish for greater strength and a distinguished look. They are protected by our proven oven-baked PVDF paint system with Kynar 500® resin.


One of the many environmental benefits of protecting your home with a metal roof is reduced carbon footprint. If you depend on your HVAC system, then you affect the environment, and not in a good way. A metal roof is an energy-efficient shade. It reflects most of the infrared light that hits it, keeping the sun from heating up your rooms passively. Most of the metal roofs manufactured today consist of recycled content. Make your home friendlier to the environment; invest in a metal roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for becoming a dealer?

Complete the New Dealer Inquiry Form. One of our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly

What are the requirements/initial costs to become a dealer?

Your Dealer Development Specialist will walk you through initial start­up costs. These costs vary based on the product lines desired. Initial start­up costs include service tools, branding, and training.

Can I carry other brands?

Potentially, yes. Dealer Development will conduct an analysis of the competitive environment and determine if a multiple brand store is an option in your market

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