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Our Premium Metal Roofing System is one fifth the weight of conventional shingles meaning that it can be installed on top of the existing roof. With a metal roof – snow load is virtually eliminated. Additionally, not having to remove asphalt shingles saves the homeowner removal and disposal fees while not contributing to landfill sites incurring the production of destructive greenhouse gasses.


There's No Wrong Choice

Historically, slate is one of the most appealing roofing choices, combining unmatched durability with natural beauty. The installed cost of real slate, as well as its weight and the shortage of qualified slate installers, often makes its use prohibitive. And now, that same striking look of real slate is replicated with the benefits of Armadillo Building products metal roofing.

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Is it any wonder that new technologies have allowed for the creation of realistic natural stone looks to be created in metal? It isn’t that natural slate tile is passé—it’s just that for some projects, a slate-look metal may be more suitable than natural slate.

Armadillo Building Products slate roofing provides the authentic look of stone slate tiles at a fraction of the weight and cost. Durability. Armadillo Building Products slate roofing is less expensive, more durable, while providing all of the style and character of traditional stone slate roofs.

Cedar roof shakes are known for their exceptional beauty and thermal resistance. Due to the natural preservative properties they possess in the form of natural oils and strong structural stability, they provide a good level of natural resistance to the wind and rain and are fairly earthquake resilient. But these natural qualities do, however, come with a certain, if not significant, level of maintenance and care to increase their life span. They are also not naturally fire-retardant and must be treated if they are to be fire-proof.

Armadillo Building Products shake roofing is designed to authentically replicate the look of natural weathered cedar roofing and improve upon their performance in terms of weather resistance, resistance to environmental stressors and overall longevity. With the use of sustainable roofing materials, Armadillo’s product line aims to take care of and minimize the need for roof maintenance.

Armadillo Building Products shake roofing will only increase the value of your home and will remain aesthetically pleasing for life.