Support our front line workers!


Our Frontline Workers are risking everything to take care of their communities during the pandemic. We want to show our gratitude and support and try to take some worry off their shoulders. For the first time ever, Armadillo Building Products will sell direct to the Frontline Worker homeowner.

While you worry about us, we would like to take the worry of your home off you. If your roof is leaking, we will sell direct to you. Not only that, we will be selling to you at the price of 148.99USD/ 199.99CDN per 100 square feet. Even though we only sell the product we will assist you in finding the right contractor in your area to install your new roof. We will reach out to contractors in your area and get a quote for you on the cost of install.

If you do not know what materials you need, we will do a free aerial measurement for you. All you have to do is send us an email to [email protected] and include the full address, your name and contact number (if you prefer text or calls) and proof that you are a frontline worker. You must be the registered homeowner of the property.

If you are a contractor and you are supporting our frontline workers, we will gladly offer this price if you can provide the customers ID with address and proof  showing they are a frontline worker.

We want to thank everyone that is keeping us safe, healthy and fed during these critical times.

This first-time limited offer is only available until May 20th 2020.

Link to become an authorized dealer to take advantage of this limited time offer.


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